The $16,000 ASCAP Check

A writer I know landed a $16,000 ASCAP check.  While my LA animals have seen their fare share of $16,000 ASCAP/BMI checks, this check went to someone in an East Coast “fly over” state.

For the rest of my people NOT in LA, NYC, Chicago etc… here is a blueprint of how to land your own $16,000 ASCAP/BMI/SEASC check..

Consistency is key. If you can only spend 10 hours a week doing music, working two hours a day for five days will be more beneficial than working 10 hours a day for one day. If you only work one day a week, you don’t have a chance to listen with “fresh” ears until a week later.

Stay on brief. If someone asks you for Urban Comedy, don’t deliver Rick Ross style gangsta beats. You’d be surprised how many people can’t keep to a brief. Nothing more to say on this subject except to say again, STAY ON BRIEF.

Chill with the excuses. A lot of musicians are super hungry and willing to work BEFORE I agree to work with them. Then all of a sudden it’s the excuse olympics.  I’ve heard it all. One guy took 6 months off cause is Cat died. Another guy blew a deadline cause he had to drive to LA from the bay area for a “jam sesh”. GTFO with that nonsense.

If you approach your production music career in  blue collar fashion you’ll be on your way to a great royalty stream. Treat it like a job. It’s a fun, satisfying job but still a job. Don’t flake!




I went to Amsterdam. It was interesting. Some places didn’t accept cash, other places didn’t accept credit cards.

VidCon Europe was the reason for the trip. I can’t wait to attend the one in Anaheim this June. I always had other things to do besides VidCon Anaheim but this year I’m making it a point to attend. The level of pure creativity can’t be match by MIDEM, Cannes Lions, Real Screen West, or any of the other “creative” conferences taking place this summer.

I ended up meeting the folks from Sailing La Vagabonde, one of my favorite YouTube channels. Check this video if you want to watch two photogenic people sail a boat around the world.


I did my own lil vlog about Amsterdam. It’s not public on my YouTube channel but you can watch it here.




I went to London on the way to VidCon in Amsterdam. I like flying into London for a couple of reasons..

1) I get to see and catch up with some cool people.

2) If you fly to other European destinations from London you get a stamp in your passport.

I stayed in a penthouse apartment next to the Tower Bridge. The unit below mine caught on fire the first night i was there. No smoke alarms went off, although i noticed a burning type smell, which I ignored until hearing someone shouting FIYA FIYA in a British accent. I avoided the elevators for the rest of the trip.