I never thought much of the “good ole days”.  I’m sure the days were good, but they’re also OLD, as in the past. It’s fun to remember the past every once in a while but i always gave the side eye to people who seemed to relish days gone by.

Back in October we went to a music festival in Gainesville called The Fest. 2016 marked the 15th year of the festival. I went to the inaugural Fest in 2002 when i was working at Fueled By Ramen for $25 a week. Now i can afford the luxuries a full time job provides, which is a kings ransom when paired with the cheap cost of living in North Central Florida.

Pushing down 8th Ave in a Maserati felt a little strange, but the destination was Leonardo’s Pizza so i was focused on pizza and garlic rolls. However my excitement turned into mourning when presented with news that Leonardo’s would be shutting down imminently. Out comes the video camera, record and eat. Eat and record.

The generation before me had Skeeters. I went there once when i was 8 but that’s all i remember of it. I believe there’s a Caribbean place that’s all the rage with the present UF population. A Cuban place as well, I’m not sure. I guess I’ll check it out next time I’m in town.

I remember how angry the local population was when the Bike store adjacent to Burrito Bros was renovated into a Starbucks. Now the entire block which housed the Starbucks/Burrito Bros juxtaposition is now a luxury housing complex. I’d complain that I couldn’t afford a unit in the complex but that would be a lie (i looked into it).

The current plan is to rent a home in Gainesville for football season, call it the Winter  Whitehouse, and hire the owner of Burrito Bros to cook burritos on game day. Best laid plans go to waste so I’m going to stop thinking about that until summer.

The Fest was great as always. They had Mexican wrestling at the local cowboy club, the same club that hosted Knapsack. Below is a partial list of bands I like from the Fest 15.

Small Brown Bike

Iron Chic


Less Than Jake

The Menzingers



Leatherface (just kidding they didn’t play The Fest 15 but they’re amazing)


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