Hong Kong – Queen Knucklehead

Our Hong Kong trip in a nutshell. Don’t forget to subscribe!!



Every time i think about Hong Kong i get hungry. It’s a “hungry” place. Money hungry, food hungry, life hungry. It’s Los Angeles on Meth. NYC on steroids. Blade Runner. My kind of place.

I was there in June 2016 hanging out, writing music, doing deals etc.. I never thought I’d be back in Hong Kong again just a few months later.

Queen Knucklehead wanted to see Asia for the first time. Friends mentioned Thailand, Bali etc.. Both great places but the only place I’D be interested in traveling was Hong Kong. Jokes on me since I ended up going to Thailand on this trip anyway (sorry QK).

I’ve been to Hong Kong more times than i can count. Going with someone who’d never been there before was super cool since I could see their reactions to the city. I’ve always hated that cliche “where east meets west” although it’s a great way to sum up the city.

Instead of writing some long form hullaballoo here’s my pros and cons of Hong Kong.


  1. Tin Ho Wan – Michelin starred restaurant that’s very easy on the wallet.
  2. Steamed Buns – Buy some plain buns at the store, cook them on medium till they turn tan/brown. Pour some condensed milk over them. My favorite junk food.
  3. Simpson Sin – My tailor.
  4. Victoria Harbour – Cool lights and buildings
  5. Chunking Mansions – It’s like Hollywood & Highland mixed Times Square stuffed into a giant slum-adjacent type building. You can eat a nice dinner, buy some copy watches, gold bars, a gun and some drugs. All for a low, negotiable price!


1.  Radiation – There were reports of a nuclear “event” in Hong Kong while we were there. Sure enough the radiation levels were FAR above normal. The Government was mum. I got my radiation levels checked when i left. All clear.

2. Geo-gating. A lot of American TV show clips were geo-gated. I couldn’t watch Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonations without spoofing my location.

3. Crowds – Metropolitan Hong Kong is crowded. NYC and LA are desolate in comparison.

4. Pollution – You can feel the pollution in the air. It gets stronger as you travel north west towards Shenzhen.

5.  Construction around the Walk of Fame – The Bruce Lee statue is out of service until 2018.








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